Spring of Abundance Premium Fruits Gift Box
Spring of Abundance Premium Fruits Gift Box
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Spring of Abundance Premium Fruits Gift Box

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“I look on life as a joyous adventure.”
—Ernie Harwell

A great relationship is often defined by our friendship and love for someone. Spring of Abundance Premium Fruits Gift Box defines a moment where we would love to send a perfect gift for someone. A perfect gift for our family and friends who stay true to your life.

Our Premium Fruits Gift Box contains a mix of premium & seasonal quality fruits which may include the following such as avocados, apples, yellow dragonfruits, pears, mandarin oranges, grapes, golden kiwis, cherries, mangoes, persimmons, peaches, passion fruits, strawberries, and muskmelons and many more.

The current Premium & Seasonal fruits selection in the photo includes:

- 1 x Japanese Yumenoka Ichigo Strawberry box (2 packs per box)
Yumenoka Ichigo has a high sweetness (sugar content) has a good balance between sugar content and sourness. The flesh has a fine texture and a firm texture.

- 2 pcs of Japanese Fuyu Persimmons
In Greek, the Fuyu persimmon’s botanical name, Diospyros means “divine fruit”. In Japan, persimmons are considered to be the country’s national fruit where the Fuyu is also known as Fuyugaki. When ripe, Fuyu persimmons possess layers of flavor, reminiscent of pear, dates and brown sugar with nuances of cinnamon. Their texture varies from crisp and succulent when young, to a tender and gelatinous texture as they mature. 

- 2 pcs of Japanese Dekopon Mandarin Orange
In Japan, Dekopon symbolizes 'Heaven-sent luck" and is given as a blessing gift in Japan. Dekopon is found in the southern cities, where sunbeam and warm sea breeze produce citrus with sweetness and acidity calyx of a delicate balance. It is best known for its unique protruding top.

- 1 box of Japanese Steuben Grape
Steuben grapes are slipskin grapes that are full of sweet and juicy flavor. Its sugar content is approx. 22 °Bx, but gives a refreshing after taste rather than an overly-sweet aftertaste. 

- 2 pcs of Pitahaya Yellow Dragonfruits
Yellow Dragon fruit has a crisp, juicy texture and very sweet tropical flavor and it's often being mentioned to be the sweetest of all the dragon fruits.

- 2 pcs of Sweet Yellow Peach

Yellow peaches are the quintessential peach. They are distinguished by their fuzzy thin skin with hues of red, pink and gold blushing throughout. The flesh is aromatic, juicy when ripe. They are often identified as a traditional "true" peach, meaning the fruit exudes a classic peach flavor, balancing sugar and acid for a well-rounded flavor.

- 1 box of Jumbo Blue Heartmade Blueberries
Jumbo Blue Heartmade Blueberries are known for their size & taste! With their firm bite, beautiful violet hue, and delicious sweet-tart flavor, Jumbo Blueberries are the perfect snack when ripe.

Branded Gift Box with approximate dimension : 45cm x 10cm x 35cm

Please note that the product picture is only a reference photo. 

The item in the gift pack/set may be substituted with another item of equal or higher value due to seasonal or stock availability, without prior notice.

BlueFairy & Co. will dedicate 10% of our earned revenue to non-profitable organizations that render help in nurturing, and assisting underprivileged children to build sustainable growth for their future. By purchasing our gifts, other than being able to own or to send a meaningful gift to someone special, you will also become part of the reason in which these children can smile again.

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