Kids Gift Hampers

Affordable, Chic Get Well Soon Gift Hampers for children or kids. 10% of our earned revenue goes to underprivileged children. Shop Online. Part of the Good. Support Local Business. #SGUnited, #SGCares. Affordable GiftsGifts for Good.

Plastic is one of the largest end-use market segments accounting for more than 40% of total usage. People nowadays are more conscious about the environment, therefore as an effort to reduce the usage of plastic, we have minimized the use of additional non-biodegradable materials in our packaging.

Our gift boxes are made of kraft paper containing at least 80% of sulfate wood pulp and are 100% sustainable. Fillers used are made out of paper, therefore, are fully compostable and recyclable.

Send Kids Gift Hamper and an adorable cuddly plush to bring joy to a child today!



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