A Packet of Milk Campaign

 Nostalgia Ignites His Mission

 A Packet of Milk by bluefairy & co.

Our founder Daniel Tan fondly recalls his primary school days when he, as a grossly underweight student, and was given the Magnolia chocolate milk during recess to drink. “I was malnourished due to some health issues and till today, I’m still skinny,” he shares.  

In 2019, Daniel took on a regional marketing manager role which led him to spend quite a bit of time in the Philippines for work, where he also joined his colleagues in the company’s CSR programmes. Many of the initiatives involved working with children in the impoverished villages where malnourishment is a common phenomenon. Over time, Daniel began to develop a strong desire to help the children.

He started thinking more and deeper about what he could do to make a difference in their lives; something small but significant, and more importantly, sustainable. “The Eureka moment came when I was browsing through some old albums which had some photos of the old and scrawny me. The old images brought back memories of the daily milk drinking in primary school and hence birthed the A Packet of Milk Campaign, which will be our company’s maiden CSR programme,” Daniel adds.

Collaborating with Trusted Local Partners

While doing some groundwork research for BlueFairy & Co., Daniel chanced upon ShareYourSpareSingapore (SYSS) on Facebook, a non-profit organisation founded by Adrian Soco, an expatriate from the Philippines who has been living in Singapore for over a decade. Started in 2014, SYSS began by collecting toy donations and through a collaboration with the Philippines Toy Library, sent them to toy libraries and day care centres in the country. SYSS’s charitable works gradually expanded to include feeding programmes in the slums of Tondo, Manila, which BlueFairy & Co. is supporting through its A Packet of Milk Campaign.


Adrian (left), Daniel (center) and Jacqueline (right)

4,800 Packets of Milk for 400 Needy Children

The milk distribution will be done by Christ Power and Grace Church Inc., the local partnering organization in the Philippines. Located at 230 Rodriguez St. Dougan Balut Tondo Manila, the church is headed by Pastor Jennifer Mateo (pictured below with the children). The cost of purchasing and delivering the 4, 800 packets of milk is SGD$1,800 and each child will receive 12 packets of milk which will last them for four months. The distribution event will be recorded and uploaded on the Facebook and Instagram pages of the Church, BlueFairy & Co. and SYSS. 


How You Can Support A Packet of Milk Campaign

“To kickstart the campaign, BlueFairy & Co. will channel 10% of its earned revenue to this campaign, so our customers have our assurance that every time they place an order on our website, they are also making a difference to the lives of the 400 underprivileged children,” says Daniel. In the words of Mandy Hale, author of You Are Enough:

"To make a difference in someone's life, you don't have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful, or perfect.
You just have to care."


So shop now at BlueFairy & Co. and together we can make a difference to the young lives of the less fortunate in the slums of Tondo.

Thank you for your kind support.



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