Our Brand Story

The brand inspiration came from my kind and loving maternal grandmother Mdm Toh Ioh, who was a housewife. My maternal grandparents were considered moderately well-to-do in the olden days as my grandfather owned a small family business.

Mdm Toh Ioh always carried a fifty-dollar note in her purse wherever she went in the past. Despite her limitations as to what she can do, my maternal grandmother was a generous woman. If she were to encounter the homeless or starving children along the way, she would not hesitate to help them by giving them two dollars each. Her positivity, kindness, and helpfulness had inspired us to start BlueFairy & Co.. We wish to carry on her legacy on the spirit of giving as we embark on our new chapter in life.

“Every gift has a story to tell.”

BlueFairy & Co is about creating gifts that come with a story that is close to the heart.

We wish to become one of the first social enterprises in the gifting industry in Singapore to reach out to under privileged children. We hope to bring a smile to their faces by being committed to what we do.

We will dedicate 10% of our earned revenue to non-profitable organisations that render help in nurturing, and assisting under privileged children to build a sustainable growth for their future. By purchasing our gifts, other than being able to own or to send a meaningful gift to someone special, you will also become part of the reason in which these children can smile again.



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