Our Brand Mascots



PEN PEN is a guardian penguin manifested base on the innocence and joyous emotion it has. A guardian angel at heart who is friendly, creative, adventurous and has a soul that speaks of benevolent companion. He is the hero that is always extending help to others who are in need physically/emotionally and brings a joyous experience into their lives. 

PO PO, a polar bear that has grit:passion and perseverance in spite of obstacles.
Generally, emotionless but not unfriendly.

STAR STAR, a magical friend transforms from PEN PEN's wand. Love to cook, bake & do fun things together.

Our mascots are manifested from the love, respect and empathy values just like a family.

With a personality stemming from the belief that “everyone deserves to be treated with respect and love unconditionally.”



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